What my client say about Moxa

A masterful negotiator, Moxa uses her experience as a global business woman to help her clients acquire the "best fit" properties. I am still amazed that within a 10 day period we were in contract for 2 properties; Moxa represented me, the buyer. Truly life changing. She worked arduously to see the deals close despite unforeseen obstacles that often arise with real estate transactions. She is a skilled problem solver. I appreciate the continued work she performed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to ensure smooth transactions. This was above and beyond her duty as my realtor. It is obvious that Moxa is conversant with the current and fastest technologies to keep herself available to her clients practically 24/7, and to communicate with all of her team members (lenders, mortgage brokers, escrow officers), and all parties involved in the deal. And she has selected to work with these particular team members who I find are all quite superior in each of their specialties. Moxa listens to her clients needs and follows through with property searches allowing for various investment strategies and options. She is open minded, and provides professional guidance with great patience. I am impressed with her expediency in completing essential legal documents, her insistence of proper adherence to real estate protocols, and her expertise at analyzing documents to ensure fees, taxes, payments are correct. In short, Moxa excels at "the art of the deal" in the most professional way. It is reassuring to be represented by a realtor current in terms of continuing education and certified in numerous subspecialties. And on a personal note, Moxa thrives on positive energy, and tends to bring out the best in other people; quite a talent. I find her personality and mindset ever refreshing, never static, always progressive.

Maureen Lee, San Francisco

We write this review for Moxa. She helped us purchase our first house. She is truly professional, experienced, very considerate, and always available. We are very happy with her work. We met Moxa during the open house where she was the listing agent. After discuss, she understood our needs and did not recommend the listing property to us. We really appreciated that she put our interests before hers and choose her to be our buying agent. She helped us to set the target of our house hunting. As first time home buyers we were inexperienced, Moxa was so patient with us guiding us step by step through the whole buying process from home tours to closing the deal.We have looked for a house for almost two years and have been only looking actively during the last couple month. She never pushed or pressured us to make a decision. Moxa always shared with us her thoughts about the house. When she discovered some potential house condition issues or concerns, she told us immediately. She also check the inspection report for each house we were interested in and let us know if she found out something. This really helped us to avoid make a wrong decision. When we were ready to make an offer, she explained everything and made sure we knew exactly what the process would be. Moxa have enrolled in many online courses and keep herself updated for the latest technologies. Moxa prepared documentation ready for e-sign for each offer we put in. This saved our time and make things much easier. When the timing is tight, Moxa worked late even until midnight to make sure everything has been done properly before submitting the offer. We have put many offers before we got one. Each time Moxa worked quickly and get our offer to the sellers just in time. We truly appreciate that she worked on July 4th holiday to get us sign the counter offer and helped us finally get the house. During the closing process, Moxa kept the whole team moving forward fast and smoothly. She also recommended a very good, experienced mortgage broker to help us to make a good loan. We have built a great relationship with Moxa through this experience. We certainly will referral her to any friends and family we know interested in purchasing the house.

Kai & Peng